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Welcome Guest Blogger Martin King and the "#100Blogfest Tour" ~ Day 14, Blog Entry #37

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I am happy to be a part of Martin's #100Blogfest Tour, his quest to complete 100 Blogs on 100 different Blog sites in 31 days!!  I am day 14, Blog entry #37 on his tour.

Oh those sweet childhood memories!! It's amazing how Martin King can remember so much of his childhood. Do you recall all the games you use to play as a child and with your friends? Well today, Martin recalls his fond memories of some of those childhood games...

Guest Blogger Martin King's "Games We Played"...

Back in the days when I was a lad, we never had electronic games. The first I remember anyone having was Donkey Kong and Pacman. No, we had to make our own games.
So what did we play? The girls played hopscotch or hula hoop and we often played football. There weren’t many cars on the street back then. The worst thing would be kicking the ball in someone’s garden.
Hide and seek was another game, but buzz off was better. Buzz off was a game where someone stood at a lamppost and closed their eyes while counting to, say a hundred. Everyone else would run off and hide. But then the person who was tasked with having to find everyone also had to try and protect the lamppost at the same time.
Because if I ran from my hiding place and got to the lamp post and shouted “relive 1-2-3,” it meant I was safe. But if they saw me and got to the lamp post first, they would say my name and then one, two, three. You still with me? Well it was dead brilliant.
Another great game was called kerbie. We would stand at opposing sides of the street and throw a football at the kerb. If the ball hit the kerb in one go (no bouncing) and came back, you scored a point and got another turn. But if it came back in the air and you caught it, you would get two points. However if the opponent caught it, you didn’t score and it reverted back to their turn. Usually we played first to ten or twenty.
I could go on and on. I could even talk about the little rhymes we made to pick someone to start off first. You know, you all put your foot into a circle and then you say; “Hip, dip, sky blue, who’s it, not you...” You know what I mean, right?
So do you remember what games you played out in the street?
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Thanks Martin for being a guest blogger on my site! In lieu of your story, I would also like to briefly share a fond memory of a game I use to play as a child (by myself!!) and how that childhood game eventually turned into my son creating the images to illustrate one of my books! The story titled "My Son The Illustrator" can be found on my Blog at the link:

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Rachel Brooks said...

Great post! Thanks for taking part in #100blogfest, T Denise!

I’m now following your blog. Stop by my blog and follow me too? :)

Sarah Butland said...

Wow! I love the memories of childhood and the game with the post sounds really fun! I may have to play that one as an adult. :)

Stuart Aken said...

Wonderful games that actually required both energy and proper team work to succeed. Did you also play 'Toes-in'? It was like tig but with a ball instead of the fingertip touch.