Friday, August 19, 2011

Back From A Little Piece Of Paradise!

Well I have been away for about a week on vacation. Just returned home today as a matter of fact (well actually yesterday seeing that it is now 2:00am--why am I still awake?!?!?). And although I absolutely love being on vacation, I am very happy to be back to the grind!! I actually missed being fully engaged in the "book world." I still found myself responding to some emails and other what-nots while on vacation, simply couldn't help myself ;-)

But if I may just reminisce for one last time of our family vacation, check out the pic below...

I took this pic while we were on the beach at Malibu's "Paradise Cove." Yes, definitely a little piece of paradise. My two children are in the pic, waiting for a wave to come in. If you're wondering where my third child (the 2 yr old) is...well, let's just say she wasn't feeling the whole beach experience thing, LOL

God Bless,
T Denise Clary