Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Summer Blog Series - "The Week of Non-Stop"


The Week of Non-Stop

Last week was very busy for the family and I. Below is a glimpse of my week in a nutshell...

The Week...thru Wednesday
First and foremost I am happy to report that we actually finished de-cluttering our house. Yay!! It took us a full 7 days to completely de-clutter the house and get it in shape for the cleaning people. I'm still amazed that I lasted as long as I did and didn't give up on the daunting task. But I'm pretty sure my energy and motivation were continually fueled with the thought of having a clutter-free home! And to top it off, a cleaning crew (well, 2 little ladies) came in on Wednesday and cleaned and polished up everything! Wow, you talk about a major difference in the look and smell of our home. Take a look at the pics below... 

Last of the load to go to the donation center. Wow!

I finally organized all the closets. No more clutter!

The cleaning ladies polished up everything!

Wednesday Continued...
Our home was cleaned just in time to welcome our out-of-town guests that came in on Wednesday, just as the cleaning crew were finishing. Our friends Jason and Heather, along with their kids and dog Reese, came to stay for the night as they were passing through our city. Our friends Jason and Heather (whom my husband and I originally met on a cruise years ago) were moving from Texas to Maryland. We'll miss them living close, but love the fact we have an excuse to visit them on the East Coast! I think we'll be planning a trip as soon as they get settled.  :-)

Below are some pics of Jason & Heather and my husband & I on the cruise where we first met them, and a pic of them leaving our home as they continue on their road trip to Maryland...
My husband and I with Jason and Heather on the cruise where we first met, 2008.

Jason and Heather and their family, leaving our house moving from Texas to Maryland.

Thursday ~ Friday

On Thursday and Friday, I attended the Annual Meeting for the State Bar of Texas. The Annual Meeting is a legal conference where attorneys from all across Texas meet every year in June.  I saw old familiar faces and attended a lot of good CLE (Continuing Legal Education courses). One thing that I distinctly remember taking away from the conference is an inspirational quote I heard in one of the CLE courses. I thought I'd share and hope you get inspired by the quote as much as I did. The quote is from attorney Linda Strite Murnane titled, "There is No Such Thing as Can't." See below...

There is no such thing as "can’t."
There is such a thing as "won’t,"
"don’t want to,"
"don’t choose to,"
"don’t adopt this as my priority,"
but there is no such thing as "can’t."
"Can’t" represents a lack of choice.
 And when we resign ourselves to a reality
that does not include individual choice,
we accept barriers others would impose upon us.
 —Colonel Linda Strite Murnane, Esq. 

Colonel Linda Strite Murnane, Esq. 

Saturday was a day spent running errands and shopping. A mini-greenhouse that my son and I found on the Internet finally came in. We had ordered it for our little vegetable garden we started this summer. A very fun project that I will post about soon, but for now, here are pics of my husband (and 3 year old) putting the greenhouse together...

Father and daughter putting together the mini-greenhouse.


Sunday was of course Father's Day. After spending the morning in church, I treated my husband to a mini spa day (well sort of). I needed a pedicure, so I thought why not take my hubby along to get one too, LOL. We also brought our 3 year old daughter with us and it was her first time getting a mani/pedi. I got a kick out of watching how excited my husband was to get his feet and legs rubbed on. He was in heaven! And my 3 year old also was equally excited!!  After our trip to the nail salon, off we went to my parents house to enjoy dinner with the folks, followed by an evening of entertainment at a "Father's Day" concert featuring gospel artist Fred Hammond. Definitely a great day hanging out with the family! Here are a few pics from the day...

Father's Day pedicures!

Enjoying the rub-down, LOL!

My daughter's first pedicure...

...and manicure

Father's Day concert featuring Fred Hammond.

My parents with my 3 year old at the concert.

Whew! Last week was definitely a busy week, but I thank the Lord for continually giving me the energy and strength to get through the days...it also helps that He's blessed me with the best family and friends ever!! They are definitely a source of energy and strength.  :-)

God Bless!
T Denise Clary

We want each of you to show this same diligence to the very end, so that what you hope for may be fully realized. - Hebrews 6:11 (NIV)