Friday, June 8, 2012

My Summer Blog Series - "Hail of a Summer!"


Hail of a Summer!

Even though it was blazing hot outside earlier, it didn't keep the rain clouds and eventual storm from blowing in. Today was definitely a busy day for the kids and I, but we managed to get everything accomplished prior to the storm hitting. I'm keeping my kids busy this summer by showing them how to plant a garden. Not that I really know how to plant a garden myself, but we are having such fun with it!! I'm learning right along with them (I will post about our summer garden and its progression in posts later to come). We brought all of our 'infant' plants inside the house about 2 minutes prior to the downpour. 

Lots of rain, thunder and lightning out tonight, but at least the weather wasn't as bad as it was just about a week ago when it hailed. YES, it's summertime, warm weather and...HAIL!! Here are a couple of pics of the hail my son collected from outside...

The hail was jagged and actually looked more like clear rocks. They were very solid too! My husband accidentally dropped one on our kitchen tile floor and it didn't break, crack, chip, nothing!!! Wow, no wonder they can break windows and cause all kinds of other damage!

My kids were excited about the hail only because it was the closest thing they had to getting snow, LOL. My son placed the hail he collected in a cup and put it in the freezer. Not sure what he plans to do with the hail, but he was excited about it! Although my kids were excited, ME, not so much. I was more worried about our roof being damaged by hail for the SECOND time! Thankfully, there was no new hail damage.

And as far as the storm happening tonight as I type this blog post, I am confident that the Lord will keep us safe in the midst of this storm and ANY and ALL storms! And/or at least equip us to handle anything that may come our way! :-)

God Bless!
T Denise Clary

He calmed the storm to a whisper and stilled the waves. - Psalm 107:29