Monday, November 5, 2012

First Ever Book Review From My Dog, Sammy!

First Ever Book Review From My Dog, Sammy!

Storybook: Teddy & Stanley's Tall Tell

I came across this story as I was combing the Internet and updating myself on the latest news. Apparently some British experts have created a storybook, Teddy & Stanley's Tall Tell, just for dogs to help keep them calm and relaxed. How clever and cute, right?! I thought I'd try it out on my dog Sammy, the video clip that is, to see if he'd have any response to the sounds the gentleman in the video was making.

As the video played, to my surprise Sammy started making whining sounds. I thought this really couldn't be happening...was my dog actually responding to the sounds being told in this story?? NO WAY!! 

The story continued and Sammy let out yet another whining sound. WTH!!? He then proceeded to get up from his slumbered position, walk over to me, and placed his two front paws on my legs. Turns out Sammy just wanted to go outside to relieve himself. LOL!

So was Sammy's reaction just a coincidence?? Did the sounds of this book really trigger a response? Perhaps, perhaps not. LOL. After all, he had not moved from his position for a couple of hours until the sounds of the video started playing. Uhmmmm, very interesting! So I concluded the following FIRST EVER book review from my dog Sammy; based on his behavior of course:

Sammy's Review of Teddy & Stanley's Tall Tell: "The book was good enough, or bad enough depending on how you look at it, to make me want to leave the room to relieve myself!" HaHa!! ;-)

God Bless!
T Denise Clary