Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Summer Blog Series - "DIARY OF A WIMPY PLANT"



Ok in my boredom today, I glanced over at my plant (that I have sitting by the backdoor for extra sunlight) and imagined what this plant could be thinking if a plant was able to think, lol. What started out in my head, turned into a micro-mini story I titled, "Diary of a Wimpy Plant." Most of it was written out of my endless frustration with this plant as you will read below! LOL ;-)

God Bless!
T Denise Clary


"My leaves turn pale with envy as I sit and stare out at the bustling beauty that I so long to enjoy. Only separated by a few millimeters of a seemingly clear prison glass wall, the millions of thin, short erect minions, the humans call ‘grass’, only seem to tease and taunt me daily as they sway back and forth in the wind. Aren’t I as dependable and strong as the minions?!

My owner has confined me to a place where I face an uncertain future!

Have I been sentenced to death?

I have stood by and watched as others have faced the same fate, but succumb to the realities of being kept inside. With the exception of that creepy prickly vine that just sits in the corner. She enthusiastically accepts the title of, “houseplant.”  She laughs at my failure to grow and sprout as she does. Her limbs get pruned and she grows her vines even longer than before. I get poked, groped, prodded and snipped, but the limbs from my body shrivel and die, never to be seen or sprouted again. Such horror…yet, the snarky vine just sits and scoffs.

I have assured my owner that I can make it, I can succeed. I can be one of the statistics that have defied the odds and championed the harsh elements of the outdoors.

Sure, I have had a few bouts outside where some pesky leaf miners have nearly eaten me alive, the rain storms almost drowned me, and the sun had nearly burned my skin to the point of sudden death. But it wasn’t my fault! I insist I was born a wimpy plant!   

…but I know that I can do it, I can survive if given the chance again...If only given another opportunity! But still instead, I sit here staring out the prison glass wall as the minions continue to taunt and tease me, swaying back and forth in the wind."