Monday, September 24, 2012

2012 ACFW Conference: Day 4

Note: I'm a little behind on posting. I made it home from the ACFW Conference completely exhausted. I'm finally rested enough to update my blog.

ACFW Conference: Day Four (Sunday)

The ACFW Conference officially ended  around 11:45a.m. on Sunday. However I had an early morning flight, so I was unable to attend the final moments of Conference. I found myself missing it the moment I left, but I was happy to be going home to see my family and share with them what a wonderful experience I had.

I arrived home and to my surprise, my husband had a full spread (breakfast) laid out on the counter, along with a clean kitchen (confession: I had left it a mess in my rush to get to the airport) and house. Wow! I need to go away more often. LOL! It is such a blessing to come home to such a supportive husband. He is my number one cheerleader . . . and I'm his number one fan!

God Bless!
T Denise Clary

Flying home from Dallas.

Will be landing soon.
"Welcome home!"
Nice spread prepared by my hubby! He's so great!!
Lots of food!
. . . and more food!
. . . and more. . . pancakes!
. . . AND waffles!!!!
Pancakes and waffles . . .Yum!
In the words of Dorothy from the movie Wizard of Oz, "there's no place like home!" :-)


2012 ACFW Conference : Day 3 - Part II

Note: I'm a little behind on posting. I made it home from the ACFW Conference completely exhausted. I'm finally rested enough to update my blog.

ACFW Conference: Day Three (Saturday) - Part II

Later in the evening we attended the Awards Gala. A great night filled with well dressed people, excellent food, and awards given in recognition for the outstanding work of individuals, in their respective fields, in the publishing industry. I didn't stay for the entire Gala because I had an early morning flight, but I lasted through dinner and the announcements of the Editor and Agent of the Year. Nicole Resciniti, the same agent I had pitched to earlier in the day, won for 2012 Literary Agent of the Year. I was happy for her and all the award recipients.

After leaving the Gala, I went back to my hotel room and reflected on what a great time I had had at the conference. I prayed and thanked the Lord for leading me to such an inspirational event with so many wonderful, inspiring, and positive people. I cannot wait to return next year!

Here are some pics from the Gala . . .

I'm relaxed, refreshed, and ready for the Gala. The last event I attended before returning home.
Me with Writer Aimee Jones.
Writers Aimee Jones Nichole Sims.
I'm standing between Author Roseanna M. White (left), and Writer Rachel Wilder, who dressed to look like a character in her book.
Author Roseanna M. White (left), and Writer Rachel Wilder, who dressed to resemble a character in her book.
Author Keisha Bass volunteered to be door greeter for the Awards Gala.
Authors Keisha Bass, me, Janice Olson, Patty Green, and Marji Laine.
I'm posing with fellow Writer, Peggy Consolver. She was so sweet!
Me sitting between Writers Nichole Sims and Aimee Jones.

Our fantastic meal for the evening!

2012 ACFW Conference : Day 3 - Part I

Note: I'm a little behind on posting. I made it home from the ACFW Conference completely exhausted. I'm finally rested enough to update my blog. 

ACFW Conference: Day Three (Saturday) - Part I
Day three of the conference was another exciting day of educational sessions, workshops, networking, the Awards Gala, and another interview - but this time with a literary agent.

The day began, as it had been, with the General Session breakfast along with Praise and Worship from the worship team. I was amazed by the continual presence of the Holy Spirit during the morning sessions and never did I leave without feeling refreshed, renewed, inspired and confident!

I took that confidence with me throughout the day. . . well up until the time of my interview with Literary Agent, Nicole Resciniti, of The Seymour Agency, located in Canton, New York. For some reason, about ten minutes prior to the interview, anxiety crept into my mind and body and I began to tremble even worse than I did the previous day. I mistakenly thought that pitching my book idea would be easier the second time around. NOT!! For some reason I was not as confident this time around and initially thought the interview was not going well. I was nervous, trembling, rambling, emotional - yes, I said emotional!. WTH?!?!! I'm not sure what was happening to me! I think all the anxiety that had built up over the past few days, even weeks, preparing for this conference was beginning to show during this pitch session. I was embarrassed!! I kept apologizing. Ms. Resciniti was very gracious and reassured me I had nothing to apologize for. I felt awkward as I silently sat while she read through my manuscript! After a moment of complete silence between us, Ms. Resciniti looked up at me and told me she really liked what she had read. She requested I send her a another copy of the manuscript to her, via email, as well as another manuscript that I had talked about during my bouts of rambling . . . wow, I was actually comprehensible?!?! LOL. Another interview complete without being rejected! Yay!!! I was thrilled . . . and relieved!!

The interview ended and I hurried back to my hotel room to retrieve both manuscripts on my laptop, skipping my last scheduled workshop. After a few tweaks and numerous re-reads, I submitted both manuscripts electronically to Ms. Resciniti. Done. Yay!!!! Now I was able to relax and get ready for the Awards Gala happening later that evening. I didn't take many photos prior to the Gala. The next post, Day Three - Part II, will show the pics from the Awards Gala later in the evening, but for this post, here are a couple of pics.

General Session breakfast with Authors Patty Green, Marji Laine, and Janice Olson.
Literary Agent Nicole Resciniti from The Seymour Agency.
(Photo taken from the ACFW webpage)