Monday, August 13, 2012

My Summer Blog Series - "CELEBRATE IN THE MONTH OF AUGUST - International Left Handers Day!


CELEBRATE IN THE MONTH OF AUGUST - International Left Handers Day

We are now in the month of August and there are several National Holidays during this month to have a reason to celebrate! I found some of these Holidays to be somewhat quirky and off-beat, I couldn't help but highlight them throughout this month, just for fun!

Here is a glimpse at what I have and will be highlighting this month:

Aug. 4th - National Mustard Day
Aug. 10th - National S'mores Day
Aug. 13th - International Left Handers Day
Aug. 16th - National Tell a Joke Day
Aug. 19th - National Aviation Day
Aug. 26th - National Dog Day

August 13th - International Left Handers Day
Today is International Left Handers Day. I am not left handed, so why am I recognizing it, you ask? Because my 14 year old son is. No one else in our immediate family, including the grandparents, are left handed, only my son (although I do have one Aunt that is left handed as well). So I am taking this day to honor my 'unique' son, LOL! When I expressed to him that today was Left Handers Day, he became pretty excited...only because he thought he might get something special today, such as a gift of some sort. No gifts, just a special hug from his mother. Funny how his excited expression quickly turned into an expression I can't really explain, HaHaHa!!

Here's to my unique and wonderful 14 year old son...Happy Left Handers Day! 

My son at age 5

age 14

To find out more about Left Handers Day, click on this LINK to the webpage

God Bless,
T Denise Clary

Long life is in her right hand; in her left hand are riches and honor.
Proverbs 3:16 (NIV)