Friday, August 19, 2011

Back From A Little Piece Of Paradise!

Well I have been away for about a week on vacation. Just returned home today as a matter of fact (well actually yesterday seeing that it is now 2:00am--why am I still awake?!?!?). And although I absolutely love being on vacation, I am very happy to be back to the grind!! I actually missed being fully engaged in the "book world." I still found myself responding to some emails and other what-nots while on vacation, simply couldn't help myself ;-)

But if I may just reminisce for one last time of our family vacation, check out the pic below...

I took this pic while we were on the beach at Malibu's "Paradise Cove." Yes, definitely a little piece of paradise. My two children are in the pic, waiting for a wave to come in. If you're wondering where my third child (the 2 yr old) is...well, let's just say she wasn't feeling the whole beach experience thing, LOL

God Bless,
T Denise Clary


BRODIE said...

grreat crashing waves, man i wish i was at the beach right now!

Unknown said...

Welcome back! We've missed you! that's a stunning picture, by the way. It looks like a post card - or a book cover...perhaps?

T Denise Clary said...

Glad to be back...but miss the sound of those waves, the beautiful beach backdrop, and the smell of the ocean...And EVERYTHING else in my home state of Cali!! :-)

Yes, I love this pic, my favorite taken on this vacation!!

T Denise Clary