Friday, June 29, 2012

My Summer Blog Series - "Backyard Exploring"


Backyard Exploring

The kiddos and I love exploring in our backyard. We're always on the hunt for creatures, or any other things that grab our attention. And I always try to capture a photo of our finds (with the exception of a couple of snakes we've found and a giant 3-1/2 inch spider -- of which it became more like a running race in the opposite direction, LOL). Our most recent discovery were giant mushrooms. Yes, GIANT MUSHROOMS! Well, maybe not as large as some species of mushrooms around the world, but giant to us!

Here are a few pics...

The mushroom was about 6-1/2 inches in diameter.

I wonder if it's edible?

A family of mushrooms! :-)

Here are a few more pics from some of our past backyard explorations...

We found this green frog hiding inside our kids' inflatable water slide...hubby threw it in the grass!

Found one of these types of spiders in my was 3-1/2 inches BIG!!!! I nearly jumped out of my skin!!! I much prefer them in the backyard, not in the house :-)

Red ant seeking food. These little pests just love building mounds in our backyard. It seems the more we try to get rid of them, the more mounds they construct! UGH!!

Chloe is backyard exploring!

I was curious, so I couldn't help but do a little research on mushrooms (yes, I'm such a dork! lol). I think the above mushrooms belong to the Lepiota family of mushrooms, which depending on the specific species, could mean they are either "inedible" or deadly "poisonous!" Darn, just when I thought I could use them for cooking. Good thing the yard guys came today and mowed down these potentionally deadly saucers! LOL

God Bless!
T Denise Clary

How many are Your works, Lord! In wisdom You made them all; the earth is full of Your creatures.
Psalm 104:24 (NIV)