Friday, December 16, 2011

NO CHEFS "R" US! ****Holiday Recipes Requested!

This year I volunteered to host Christmas dinner at my house for the entire family. This includes cooking the ENTIRE Christmas meal for about 25 people! Something that I have never done before. In years past, our family did the potluck thing, where you are only responsible to bring a dish or two. Not sure how it turned into cooking the entire meal, but here we are, and I am in the thick of it! What have I gotten myself into??!!!! Ugh!!! lol

On both sides of the family, we have some absolutely fabulous cooks! I wouldn't say that I am a bad cook, but I'm definitely not the best either. I come from a long line of great cooks on both my mother's side of the family and my dad's. So in that vein, I definitely feel the pressure to present a great tasting palette of food (and I suppose if I don't, they will never want me to volunteer again -- that might be a good thing! HaHa).

Now that I have volunteered, let's see what kind of assistance I have on the home front:

**My kids are too young to cook anything other than pre-packaged cookies, frozen waffles, and the 3-minute "Ramen" noodle packs.

**My husband thinks he is a fabulous cook! His father and mother certainly what happened to him??? I have in the past been forced to BAN my husband from the kitchen, actually on a couple of occasions (OK, that's an entirely different story that I will have to elaborate on some other time, LOL). So is it safe to allow him in the kitchen to help with the Christmas meal this year?  Ummm, the verdict is still not in on that one.

** My precious spoiled-brat dog, Sammy...well at least he'll be good to clean up any droppings made on the floor!

Judging from my pool of assistants, I might be on my own here.

Shall I fear????  NO

Why? Because I have several colleagues willing to help me out by sharing some of their own favorite and beloved recipes! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

So in the coming week, I will be posting some of those recipes I have received by fellow authors, editors, etc., on my blog.

If you would like to contribute to my recipe file, have a favorite holiday recipe (doesn't have to be your own) and you don't mind if I share it on my blog (along with your picture and bio/book bio), please inbox me at my email address

God Bless and Happy Holidays!
T Denise Clary


globaleye said...

The food thing I like at Christmas is a dessert-am unable to offer any recipe I'm afraid other than to say it consists of the expected ingredients-cream, raspberries, sponge and some others-what's that layer below the layer of cream-is it custard-or something like that, oh and banana slices: scrumptious in the extreme! Wish you good cheffing-and don't be afraid of expletives-they're allowed in the kitchen because nobody's perfect!

Ingrid (Nicque) said...

Love your blog, friend! So proud of your work. finally was able to read the rest of the books and will be posting reviews in the coming days!


T Denise Clary said...

Hi globaleye!

Your comment really made me laugh! Thanks for the encouragement! It's a little overwhelming, but I shall get thru it! LOL

Wish you could remember the recipe you describe...from what I can make out, it sounds scrumptious!!

T Denise Clary

T Denise Clary said...

Hey Nicque!

Thanks for FINALLY stopping by my blog! LOL

Luv u friend!!

T Denise Clary

Martha Ramirez said...

What a great idea! LOL on your hubby. I just sent you a DM on Twitter. Let me know when do you need it by:)I would love to drop by your blog.

P.S. You'll be just fine. Trust me. It will come out wonderful.

T Denise Clary said...

Thanks Martha!

Melanie Saxton said...

What a treat AND an honor to be featured! Thank you for making Christmas just a little more special! Love your fun, uplifting blog . . . not to mention your special books. You deserve cupcakes!