Tuesday, July 12, 2011

June 20, 2011 ~ Publishing Time!

Here goes nothing...Published 4 of my books on Amazon's Kindle. Not a lot of people are aware yet, not even family and friends know I have written anything, let alone children's books...I guess I will have to start informing people!
So the venture begins into the book world!

Here are the Titles:
(1) Nitti Gritti Smitty, available now on Amazon.com (Kindle books)

(2) Vinny Vain Liked to Complain, available now on Amazon.com (Kindle books)

(3) Mr. Pitt & Lickety's Split, available now on Amazon.com (Kindle books)

(4) My Forgivefullness, available now on Amazon.com (Kindle books)

I have completed two other books, but I have not published them yet. I am also in the process of completing two more books.