Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finding Support Of Others ~ Weeding Through "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly"

You know the quote "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"

Well, I recently sent an email to a fellow author briefly describing reasons for limiting my exposure to certain forums and threads that authors frequently visit, in particular, that I frequently visit. I had expressed an interest in communicating outside of the author threads. So we exchanged information and I just sent her an email. I copied and pasted part of my email to her, which appears below...I label this "the bad & the downright ugly":

"I have found that the threads on _______ at times could be very negative and sometimes even hostile toward other authors. I have not frequented the threads as much as I use to in the very beginning as I prefer a more positive and encouraging environment.

Case in point, a brand new author published his first book and posted on the author threads introducing his book...well he received some pretty hostile posts from others about him "spammimg" the threads. I couldn't believe it, I thought about this poor sole who was probably so excited about publishing his first book, most likely got lack-luster response from family and friends like most of us, and was probably thinking that at least other authors would be just as excited for him bc they have been there at one point! Wrong!! He received such hostile posts towards him and his book...I was mortified. That was one of the reasons I wrote a blog post on my blog about "staying positive in a not-so-positive environment."

I felt the need to reach out to the other author OUTSIDE of the threads we normally frequent to be able to communicate without all the other nonsense that sometimes appears when you post in forums and threads. We are in the same genre of writing children's books and utilize the same quirky humor in our books. My thoughts were to be able to bounce off one another and help support one another as we both go through this process. Her name is Anna Coach and she wrote the most adorable children's book called "This Thing", available on Amazon.com for $2.99, the link to her book is below:


I believe I have found "The Good" and I will continue to weed through the "Bad & Ugly"

God Bless!