Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cruel Hoax = Valuable Lesson!

There was a cruel hoax done on an "indie" author recently. Apparently someone had pretended to be from a major publishing company and offered a "too good to be true" contract to this very young self-published author. She was not only devastated at not getting a deal from a major publishing house, she was also humiliated after she had to announce to all her family, friends, and followers that she in fact did not have a contract, but was the brunt of a big hoax. The author had contemplated never writing again! Thankfully she did not allow this cruel hoax to stop her writing and she has vowed to carry on.

Here is the link to check out the story:

My heart goes out to this young author. People can definitely be cruel!! It is a shame that you have to stay on your guard at all times. Why do people do such horrible things to others?? Well, we may never know the reason why people do the things they do that end up hurting or humiliating others.  However, I do know that I serve an awesome God and He not only is my savior, He is also my protector...whom shall I fear? No one! What shall I fear? NOTHING!!

The young author at one point vowed never to write again due to the hurt and humiliation of the hoax. My opinion, don't allow someone or something to steal your joy and quite possibly your God-given destiny! Pray and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you in the right direction. Sometimes the Lord allows us to go through challenges to either teach us a valuable lesson and/or make us stronger.

In the case at hand...if something sounds to good to be true, it just might be!! 

God Bless!!